Investigation into the Toxicity of N-Acetylcysteine Amide on a T-lymphoblastic Cell Line 
Emma Anemone Kofoed Lauridsen

Development of T Cell Activation Assay
Hanna Peterson

The Development and Migration of Inhibitory Interneurons from the MGE and the CGE to the Striatum
Elina Richardsdotter Andersson

FGF-21 Expression in Fibroblasts from Schizophrenic Patients - an Explorative Study to Find Novel Biomarkes for Schizophrenia
Emma Bengtsson

Expression of Nucleotide Carriers PNC1 and PNC2 in Dm-dNK Expressing Mice
Johanna Liedholm

An Investigation of the Optimal Contrast Sensitivity in Foveal and Peripheral Field of Vision 
Lina Rosvall

Analysing the Effects of Knocking Out the Gene GOT1 in Pancreatic Tumour Cells 
Amelie Carlström

Analysis of the Effects of GOT1 Knockout in KRAS-mutated Tumor Cells 
Erica Andersdotter

[Ca2+] Oscillations Triggered by the Cardiotonic Steroid Ouabain 
Simon Sundelin

The Role of GOT1 in the Regulation of Cell Metabolism in Cancer Cells 
Karolina Hanthe

The Effect of Influenza A Viral Infection on Dendritic Cells’ Antigen Presentation
Hannah Lindén

Exploration of Variability of Arkypallidal and Prototypical Projections to Dopamine 1 and Dopamine 2 Populations of the Putamen
Moa Karmefors Idvall

Gene Regulation of Drosophila melanogaster by Epigenetic Modification
Vida Svahnström

Categorization of Neurons in the Lateral Hypothalamus by Projection and Morphology
Elin Hermann

Methods of Molecular Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases and Cancer
Otto Stenman

Gene expression in skeletal muscles after silencing of CYLD and RNF11
Sofie Ohlsson

Investigation of Potential Biomarkers in Whole Blode, Urine, and Saliva for Precision Medicine Applications
Hugo Save

Effect of 2-Hexadecenal in Skeletal Muscle Cells on the Development of Type 2 Diabetes
Lina Cao Zhang

The Role of 2-Hexadecenal in the Development of Metabolic Disturbances in Human Skeletal Cells
Sanna Zommarin


Assessment of Shell Thickness in Mytilus edulis as a Biomarker for Establishment of Its Health and Thiamine Status 
Leonie Versteegh

Framställning av M1-protein med hjälp av E. coli-bakterier 
Serhat Aktay & Sebastian Valenzuela

HIV Type 1 Intra-Subtype Superinfection Results in Increased Viral Load A Case Report 
Agnes Nordquist

A Study of the Change in Mitochondrial DNA from Various Tissues of Mice of Varying Ages 
Aida Wolf

Blood Plasma Levels of Oxidized and Reduced Thioredoxin-1 in the Search of a Biomarker for Schizophrenia 
Emma Anemone Kofoed Lauridsen

Gelation properties of Thermosensitive Hydrogels 
Josefin Holmgren

Differences in Distribution of Different Types of GABAergic Interneurons in the Paleocortex and Neocortex of Mice
Johan Täng

The Effect of Selenite on T Lymphocytes
Klara Kiselman

Development of a T Cell Activation Assay
Simon Almkvist

The Effect of Selenium Methylselenocysteine on T Lymphocytes
Ulrika Wennberg

Role of GOT1 and mtDNA in the Regulation of the Metabolism in Osteosarcoma Cells
Beatrice Häggendal

Examination of the Disparity Between Prototypical and Arkypallidal Projections to D1 and D2 of Striatum
Jenny Angelin

Potential Role of Glutamic-Oxaloacetic Transaminase 1 and Mitochondrial DNA for the Regulation of Oxidative Stress in Cancer Cells
Olivia Jacobsson

The Potential Role of MAPK6 and PTEN in the Metabolism and Differentiation of Skeletal Muscle
Annie Andersson

Structural Connectivity Related to Children’s List Sorting Working Memory Test Score
Cajsa Roupé

Investigating the Neuronal Circuit of the Lateral Hypothalamus by Projection and Morphology
Gina Christoffersen

Investigation of Fat Degradation in Thymidine Kinase 2 Knockout Mice
Kelvin Szolnoky

Analyzing Diseases by PCR, RCA and C2CA
Simon Sondén

Association between Cortical Volume and Working Memory
Rasmus Häggkvist