The summer research school Rays gives you who's in the second year of high school, and who thinks a career in science, engineering or mathematics seems exciting, a chance to try to do research for real. During four intensive weeks you will participate in an intensive academic program that aims to give you an insight into life as a researcher and contribute to your personal development.

Research and Scientific methodology
Rays first week aims to give you the tools you need to conduct your research, compile it into a scientific report and present it to a wider audience. Lectures about current research and science history is interspersed with scientific theory and research methodology. You'll learn how to use LaTeX typesetting system and the programming language Python.

During the second and third week you will undertake a research project together with researchers from either the Karolinska Institute, the Royal Institute of Technology or Stockholm University. The project aims to give you an understanding of what it is like to be a researcher. We do our utmost to find a research project that suits you and your interests. In addition to serving as a preparation for a future research career, it'll also work as an introduction to how to make a great Diploma project ("gymnasiearbete").

During Rays fourth week you'll complete the project by writing a scientific report, and the program ends with a scientific seminar at the Tekniska Museet in Stockholm where you present your research to invited guests and the public.

It’s so social, the conditions for research are extremely good and it is a perfect balance between serious ambitious work, fun social activities and free time.
— Rays student 2014
The application was demanding, but when you got the acceptance letter you were so happy you applied
— Rays student 2015

Inspiration and social relevance
Parallel to performing a research project you will participate in lectures and workshops with invited guests from both academia and the industry. These activities are intended to show the importance of research in the community, and raise questions about the responsibilities scientists have to the role of research in society as well as for other people's trust and interest in research.

Rays puts high value on all who are accepted to get to know each other well. A strong network among other ambitious young researchers is not only fun but also very useful, especially for future university studies. Because of this, a number of social activities are organized during Rays. We also keep in touch with those who participated through our exclusive alumni network, xRays.

Young role models
A group of young college students are there during the entire stay to guide you through your experiences. We strongly believe in the importance of young role models, and therefore choose the supervisors from research-oriented programs that have exciting experiences to talk about.

Uncompromising quality
Our main goal is to arrange a research school of the highest academic quality. Therefore, scientific excellence and cutting-edge research is combined with dedicated tutors and stable support from Swedish companies and organizations that share our vision of Sweden as a world leading research nation.