Maximum 2 pages

Apart from basic information, we recommend you to include descriptions of competitions you have partaken in (both scientific and athletic), awards won at school or in other contexts, experience of voluntary work and holding positions of trust.

Personal letter

Maximum 600 words

We who arrange Rays want to get to know you applicants as well as possible. In your personal letter, we want you to tell us about your interests and why you are applying to Rays. We want to hear about where your passion for science comes from and how your previous experiences have shaped you.

Essay Question 1

Maximum 300 words


Name two or three subjects in science, technology or mathematics that interest you especially, and tell us why you like about them. You may be very specific if you want. We will use your answer when matching students to mentors.

Choose and answer one of the following questions:

  • Tell us about something you have done, which you think demonstrates your potential to become a future leader within the natural sciences, technology or mathematics.

  • Tell us about something or someone who inspires you. How have/has they/it influenced you, your goals, your dreams for the future and how you perceive the surroundings?

  • Describe how you work or have worked to develop one of your personal qualities and how that has helped you or is helping you?

  • Tell us about a challenge you have solved / want to solve. It might be an intellectual challenge, a research question, or an ethical dilemma – something that you care about, no matter the scope. Explain its importance to you and what challenges you have faced or would have to face and how you dealt with or would deal with these.

Essay Question 2

Maximum 300 words

Please scan your grades for all completed high school courses and attach them to your application. The document should be available from the school office and should be signed by the headmaster or your responsible teacher.



Teachers, coaches and others could address questions such as how their student handles challenges or responsibility, and why the student has the potential of a future leader within research. Letters of Recommendation should be composed, signed and sent by the teacher/coach. More information can be found here.

Letter(s) of Recommen-dation

1 page per letter