Rays is aimed at second year high school students from Sweden or Finland with a great interest in the natural sciences, technology or mathematics. The application is extensive but we hope everyone takes the opportunity to apply. You do not have to have attended similar events before – your strong interest and eagerness to engage in exciting projects are paramount. We want to press that quality outweighs quantity when considering your submitted answers.

Your application will contain three parts, the first is an online form, the second contains your CV, personal letter, two essays, and your grades, the third part are your letter(s) of recommendations which should be sent in by a teacher, coach, or other.

Practical information

Rays 2019 will be held in Europaskolan in beautiful Strängnäs outside Stockholm from June 16th to July 13th. All students will live together at Europaskolan, which will lead to them getting to know each other and form a strong group. Participation is free of charge and we will cover all expenses including food, accommodation, travel, activities and more throughout your stay. You as a student are responsible for the trip to Strängnäs. We assume that the admitted students stay with us throughout the entire program. Rays is of course completely drug and alcohol free.

Detailed information will be issued in connection with the acceptance letter.

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